30 Days of Quilt Design Challenge

Some days ago, Rachel of Stitched in Color started the 30 Days of Quilt Design Challenge in cooperation with Gotham Quilts on Instagram. Within 3 months, we are all challenged to come up with 30 quilt or block designs and share them on Instagram. The complete set of rules can be found in the above linked post.

I found this challenge very intriguing and decided to join in  - so now I am posting my block and quilt ideas with several others under  #30daysofquiltdesign. You should really check it out at some time - or maybe even join in. For me, as a newbie around here, it is really a chance to dive into all kinds of patterns and maybe even a step towards finding my own style.

I have so far shared three designs:


Another starry quilt idea. I picked star blocks of different sizes that appealed to me and started coloring them in shades of blue. I didn't quite get to finishing the coloring, because I ran out of dark blue colored pencils 😉 But I think this one is worth digitalizing it.

Speaking of digitalizing patterns - I also tested my new Quiltography app. It's a fun tool to design single blocks or complete quilts. So you can see the block I designed on the right and the quilt that results from using only this block on the left.


The third one I shared is again full of stars and diamonds. I'm assuming, that a block like this already exists somewhere, but it was fun coloring triangles 🙂

I'm really excited to see where this challenge will be taking me in the course of the 30 days...

Hope to see you around,

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