Baby Quilt Intermezzo

Last week we got the good news that friends of ours have become parents - it's a boy!! We knew about the pregnancy but several months ago, I just wasn't into quilting as much as now. It's really amazing how fast some things change... So now that the little baby boy has joined us on this planet, it was time for a baby quilt intermezzo this weekend.

First things first: shopping on Friday for some blue-ish fabrics. I wanted to use big blocks, because I still had some blue fabric with cars, trucks and trains at home, which I think looks best, when you have more to look at. So I needed some fabrics to go with that as well as some backing and came home with the following:


The fabric on the very right is the one I had at home, the others are new. The polka dotted and fox fabric are from Robert Kaufman - fabrics our local Karstadt sells under the label The prices are tremendously high though! The solid is a no-name cotton, which worked perfectly with the polka dotted fabric. I wanted a dark fabric for the backing, because the blanket will probably spend a lot of time on different floors πŸ˜‰ There were several different possibilities in dark blues, but I finally went with the stars and moon fabric - it's so fitting for a blankey...

I then cut up 21cm x 21cm squares (8.27" square) and sewed them together to 20cm finished squares (7.87"). This left me with a very small seam allowance, but the car fabric I still had at home didn't allow for more. After having sewn the rows together, I thought that it might have also turned some of the car fabrics around, so they don't all look in the same direction... but oh well. In the final layout the different squares are lined up diagonally.


I quilted along the edges of the squares with a (my right now favorite favorite) wavy stitch on my machine - light blue on the top, dark blue on the back. Since it were really old threads I "inherited", I don't know the manufacturer or the color name/number, but they worked perfectly for this project. The binding is a bias tape - perfect for a quick machine binding finish.

2016_09_folded 2016_09_quilting

Now it's finished and ready to be shipped to our new earthling πŸ™‚

Hope you had a quilty weekend as well!


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  1. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

    Baby quilts are so satisfying to create; not only are they a great way to show love and welcome a new earthling, they are gratifyingly fast to finish! πŸ™‚


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