Hi all,

I didn't get the chance of too much sewing in the last couple of days, so I can only share a further WIP paper piecing star:


But there's also some great news: I get to do my first baby quilt for a very good friend of mine 🙂 So as soon as I got the great news, I started doodling. We quickly decided that it should be a true kids quilt, i.e., a lot of fun colors, shapes and no classical blocked pattern. My first idea was to do something with animals and my doodles show that some appliqué is on my way:

entwurf_wuermchen_2 entwurf_wuermchen_1

Looking for appliqué animal templates, I have also found many quilts, where the animals are arranged in a grid with colorful borders. Those also looked very nice. So there's still some decisions to make and a lot of fun fabric shopping ahead.

I'm guessing, that  many of you have already made some baby quilts, and maybe you can help me with deciding on a size. The quilt is supposed to be used as a take-away quilt, i.e., not as a blanket but rather to wrap the little one up when on the go. Additionally it should serve as a play mat/baby blanket (I just can't find a really satisfying translation for the German "Krabbeldecke"). I'm swaying between 1m x 1m (40" x 40") and something like 1m x 1.5m (40" x 60"), what would you suggest?

A bit late, but I'm linking up with Let's Bee Social @Sew Fresh Quilts .

Have a wonderful week and hope to see you around,


Some days ago, Rachel of Stitched in Color started the 30 Days of Quilt Design Challenge in cooperation with Gotham Quilts on Instagram. Within 3 months, we are all challenged to come up with 30 quilt or block designs and share them on Instagram. The complete set of rules can be found in the above linked post.

I found this challenge very intriguing and decided to join in  - so now I am posting my block and quilt ideas with several others under  #30daysofquiltdesign. You should really check it out at some time - or maybe even join in. For me, as a newbie around here, it is really a chance to dive into all kinds of patterns and maybe even a step towards finding my own style.

I have so far shared three designs:


Another starry quilt idea. I picked star blocks of different sizes that appealed to me and started coloring them in shades of blue. I didn't quite get to finishing the coloring, because I ran out of dark blue colored pencils 😉 But I think this one is worth digitalizing it.

Speaking of digitalizing patterns - I also tested my new Quiltography app. It's a fun tool to design single blocks or complete quilts. So you can see the block I designed on the right and the quilt that results from using only this block on the left.


The third one I shared is again full of stars and diamonds. I'm assuming, that a block like this already exists somewhere, but it was fun coloring triangles 🙂

I'm really excited to see where this challenge will be taking me in the course of the 30 days...

Hope to see you around,