Writing this list makes me realize, I've been blogging for exactly 3 months now. In this short period of time I've already met so many kind and supporting people in the quilting and blogging world, it's amazing! A big

thank-you-1434501_960_720for the very warm welcome.

Now back to the title of the post - my new list for the FAL Q4 2016. For all of you, who don't know what the FAL is, the button with a link to the FAL page is on the side bar πŸ˜‰ I've learned that this list is a huge motivation to finish your projects and considering, that I will be having more time next quarter, my list willl be a bit longer this time...

1. Three Place Mats


The first three had been on my Q3 list and are all finished πŸ™‚ Now it's time for these three. Again, the background will be black and the binding made from theΒ  same scraps as the hexies. The handquilting will be different on all place mats - but I haven't decided on all designs yet.

2. The Rainbow Star Pillows

2016_09_kissen2Two fronts are already pieced and quilted and only need the back attached. The other two still need to be pieced. One will be the rainbow rose (small scale πŸ˜‰ ) for which parts of the HSTs are already at hand (thanks to the left-overs of the one in the pic). The other one will be a completely scrappy star. The backing is going to be the same backing that I used for the rainbow quilt.

3 - 6. Jersey shorts, pants and hoodies

2016_10_stoffeOne of my good friends I sew with just celebrated her birthday and I got her a spot in a jersey sewing course, because that's what she's been struggling with and what she does most at the moment. So I got myself a spot asΒ  well and already got the fabric. From top to bottom:


  1. Gray jersey pants with petrol cuffs.
  2. Retro shorts πŸ™‚
  3. hoody in this gorgeous star sweat fabric. It's sooo soft and even organic cotton!
  4. Another hoody in this single jersey with triangles.

The course will be next weekend, and I'll be far from finishing everything on that day - but you know how it is once you get all excited over learning something new and then you start shopping... πŸ˜‰

7. Christmas Table Runner

Well this one is going to be a present, so I can't tell you all about it, BUT here's the fabric:


And, after having re-read the rules *ahem*, I've also noticed, that my quilt top shouldn't have been on my Q3 list. Soooo I'll be listing it here for making it a true finish

8. The Rainbow Quilt


It has been basted and I've started quilting it (partially successful so far...) and I really want to get the quilting and binding done in this quarter to snuggle up under it for Christmas.

So a really large list for this quarter's


to which I'm of course linking up πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing your lists and goals for the next quarter!

Hope you had a nice weekend,



I did it! The third placemat is pieced, handquilted and bound πŸ™‚ You can still see the chalk lines - it hasnt had a wash yet...


Without the FAL, I would surely not have finished it, but now I can proudly present my three placemats together:


I quilted all three in a different design: the green one has some swirls, the red one has labyrinth-like lines all over and the turquoise one is very minimalist, with only straight lines. To be honest, the turquoise one actually is my favorite.


I quilted the straight lines parallel to the diagonal sides of the hexagon. You can see how the straight lines cross above the hexagon.

Another three will be coming up:


I'll definitely handquilt them - to build my skills but also because I love that I can take it with me and quilt wherever I am.

So this is my second finish for the Q3 FAL 2016, here you can see my original list.

2016 FAL

I'm linking up with Let's Bee Social @Sew Fresh Quilts and hope you've had a wonderful week so far πŸ™‚



I've finally made it and my huge (approximately 2.10m x 2.30m/ 82.6" x 90.6") quilt top is finished - and photographed πŸ˜‰ Good friends were so nice to let me baste it on their terrace, which is pretty much the only place where I could spread it all out.2016_08_27_zickzack_arnolds_scaledThis is my first FAL Q3 2016 finish πŸ˜€ (original list here)Β  It was actually quite nice basting it outside - it was hot all day long and then it finally cooled down outside. Inside it was still way too hot. But basting outside does have its downsides....The colors attracted some flying ants, so I was somewhat busy to swipe those all off again and again. And then the cat fell into the pond (1st time ever <groan>) and the shortest way back into the house went straight over my quilt top.Β  I wouldn't have thought, that a cat's fur can hold THAT much water. So I had to finish basting a partially soaking wet sandwich before it got too dark outside.

Here's another picture, where I tried to straighten out the the dimensions:


Most of the fabrics are actually "scraps" from other projects I did before. In addition to that, two friends of mine raided their scrap bins for me. So there are a lot of memories attached to this quilt top.

And now it's time to quilt this little one πŸ˜‰ I'll be quilting it on my home machine, with wavy lines. I don't quite know yet, whether it'll be free style wavy lines (organic lines?) or whether I'll be taking a wavy stitch from the machine. We'll see....

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2016 FAL

Have a wonderful week!



What's the way to start a blog? For me, this has been a question without an answer to it in the last couple of weeks. I've played with the idea of blogging for quite some time, but somehow it always ended with lots of unconnected links and posts just dangling around...And then I started diving into the world of quilting and patchwork blogs. There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I'm only starting to understand the (global) community behind it all. The support for other quilters I have seen is simply great and I am gaining a lot of inspiration and new knowledge from all these different blogs. And I think I would like to be part of that community. Maybe not to the same extent as many others online can do this. But nonetheless I'll give it a try.

2016 FAL

Seeing the FAL Q3 link party start was just the push I needed to start writing this post and finally beginning my blog. And I am hoping to better keep on track with my finishes and projects. I am totally new to quilting and patchworking, but it has totally caught me. So here's my list of planned finishes for Q3 2016.

1. finish the top of my first quilt ever


It has been a long journey already, and it already is quite large. I started it in November 2015 - not knowing what I had started at that point in time. The rows in a darker blue, petrol/turquoise, dark and light green are still missing and I am planning on getting those joined in Q3.

2. finish at least 3 of the quilted table sets

2016_hexie_pink 2016_hexie_tuerkies 2016_hexie_gelb 2016_hexie_gruen 2016_hexie_rot

Not knowing whether to try and hand quilt or machine quilt the large quilt above (never really having done either...), I started sewing up some table sets from scraps and hand quilting them. Surprisingly it's not as bad as I had thought. Once I read enough posts on hand quilting (for beginners), telling me to not be concerned too much about the size of the stitches and some kind of perfect, I felt set to go. So one table set is already completed and the hexies for 6 table sets are also done (a picture of the blue hexagon is missing). But since time is scarce, I'll stick to planning on finishing 3 in this quarter.


So let's see, where it takes me πŸ™‚

Hope to see you around,