The first Christmas presents are in the making 🙂 Since the two, to whom these stars are going are not "online" I am very confident that they will not know beforehand and I can post this. These are two tops for center pieces with which I tackled my fear of y-seams!

I got the tip from my local dealer to mark the corners in the distance of the seam allowance and to only sew up to those marks.higru_rauteAnd with this little trick, the next step is amazingly easy! Just fold along the extended seam line and piece the two diamonds together.


I was so amazed, that y-seams can be so easy, that I had to do a second one right away - and I can imagine there'll be more to come in the near future 🙂


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Hi all,

I haven't gotten to too much sewing in the last week, but nevertheless I finished the second pillow front.


This is the second of my four to be rainbow star pillows that I have planned. I described the first one here. I had to stock up on low volumes for the background, but I think it was really worth it. The single square are a bit larger than 5 cm (~2") finished to make a 40 cm pillow front (~16"). I'll be reusing a lot of the HSTs that are leftover from this pillow for the next one - the rainbow rose. But already now I'm all excited about how the pillows will look together with the rainbow quilt in progress. Here's the first two beside each other:


I did a lot of quilting on the first one (right) but for the second I opted for a simple grid with wavy lines over the seams.  After having basted the rainbow quilt top an trimmed some of the excess backing and batting, it showed, that I should have enough of the backing to also finish the back sides of the pillows with it 🙂

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Hi all,

I didn't get the chance of too much sewing in the last couple of days, so I can only share a further WIP paper piecing star:


But there's also some great news: I get to do my first baby quilt for a very good friend of mine 🙂 So as soon as I got the great news, I started doodling. We quickly decided that it should be a true kids quilt, i.e., a lot of fun colors, shapes and no classical blocked pattern. My first idea was to do something with animals and my doodles show that some appliqué is on my way:

entwurf_wuermchen_2 entwurf_wuermchen_1

Looking for appliqué animal templates, I have also found many quilts, where the animals are arranged in a grid with colorful borders. Those also looked very nice. So there's still some decisions to make and a lot of fun fabric shopping ahead.

I'm guessing, that  many of you have already made some baby quilts, and maybe you can help me with deciding on a size. The quilt is supposed to be used as a take-away quilt, i.e., not as a blanket but rather to wrap the little one up when on the go. Additionally it should serve as a play mat/baby blanket (I just can't find a really satisfying translation for the German "Krabbeldecke"). I'm swaying between 1m x 1m (40" x 40") and something like 1m x 1.5m (40" x 60"), what would you suggest?

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Now here's the promised post of my current - and not so current - sewing activities 🙂 There's been a little sewing for two very special friends. We meet up every now and then for a day full of sewing, but for some reason neither of them uses a pincushion. So what could be a better little something to just say "I like you and thanks for being a friend" than little pincushions?


Though I've really tried, I haven't really gotten them convinced of patchworking - much less quilting. But maybe that'll happen some day...

I also continued my paper piecing stars:


This is the 6" Starry Night block from Wombat Quilts , of which I had thought it would be relatively easy to piece....well yeah wasn't so. As you can see, I again used two scraps that were a bit too small, but it's patchwork, so I patched the one that  was way too small. In the upper right corner there's still a bit missing, but that'll hide in the seam allowance. Even though this block doesn't have too many pieces, I really had some trouble with the angles. But I learned that the order of the piecing does play an important role for the final result. The next little star was much more fun!

2016_08_sternendecke_03a_bearbeitet_v1 2016_08_sternendecke_03c_bearbeitet

It's the 8" Inner Star from Wombat Quilts and I really enjoyed it. So many different fabrics could be included in only one little block. The single triangles consist of only four pieces, the eight triangles are then joined together at the end to form the star. There are still some points, that could be "pointy-er", but overall I'm totally happy with the finished star!

Careful, spoiler (highlight to read):

I actually did get to finishing my zig-zag quilt top (1st Q3 FAL finish - YAY!) but didn't get to take pictures of it yet. I'll take care of that as soon as possible and update you 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you around!



This week has been quite successful in terms of sewing.... I started two new star projects. The first is a new long term skill building project: A quilt full of paper pieced stars, inspired by this treasure chest of free paper piecing patterns at Wombat Quilts. The first star is pieced and as you can see, there's been some startup problems. But I'm confident, that this will get better with more practice - and more attention on the size of the scraps used 😉2016_pp_stern1 IMG_6409
The second project I started is a series of rainbow star pillows. I initially got inspired by the Rainbow Rose quilt-along. But I just didn't want to start another quilt, when having two on my list already. So I thought I'd scale it down a bit and make several pillows with rainbow stars.


This first front is derived from Leigh Laurel Studios. I am very happy about the alignment of most squares, which at least worked out in those rows, that weren't influenced by the white fabric.


I tried one of the wavy stitches from my machine for quilting because I am thinking of using it on my zig zag quilt as well. But I think I need to add some more quilting to it.


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