Hi all,

I'm just dropping in to let you know I'm still alive πŸ˜‰

It's kind of busy around here at the moment, so I'm not getting to blogging and sewing as much, but I'll try and catch up next weekend with a report on my sewing class and my first two jersey project (I know all unquilty....bare with me πŸ˜‰ )

But there's also some news on my rainbow quilt top, which only needs to be cut and bound. Then it's all done - yay! On that I'll be writing quite a large post, because I've gotten so many comments and questions on how I designed it, that I'd like to share the process here.

So hope you're having a great week and more time for sewing and quilting than me πŸ˜‰



Since I meet up with friends to sew, packing up my sewing utensils, fabrics, notions and so on has become a quite regular routine and needs no more than a few minutes now. There has always been one thing bugging me though....I keep my notions and sewing accessories in a small drawer:


So I always took one or two of the smaller drawers with me - depending on what I'd need. This always led to a huge mess on the table, where I spread out all my stuff, sometimes one of the drawers would fall over on the drive and my friend's cat felt very comfy in the small boxes πŸ˜‰

So some kind of utensil holder was on my sewing list for quite some time now. Then I finally found the Tooly Tool Holder by Sew Together on Craftsy and knew: this was going to be it. It can be used at home to hold all my stuff together and will give everything a good place to stay while at the same time being available at all times.Β  And with the sewing course soming up next weekend, this was just the time to make it πŸ™‚


I made several changes to the original pattern... First of all was the size: I purchased two DIN A4 cardboards and didn't want to cut them any smaller, so the final size is something around 23cm x 32cm (9,06" x 12.6"). Then I made two separateΒ  parts for the front and the back and connected them with snaps. That way it'll stand up when connected one way and I'm able to close it when connected the other way around. To still keep it standing up (the stability of Sew Together's version was lost by making a two pieced easel and it would slide apart on slippery surfaces because I left out the fleece), I added a small snapped tape on one side to keep it from slipping.


I'd say I'm all set to go to my sewing course on Saturday πŸ˜‰

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Hope you're having a great week!



After having jumped right into blogging with the 2016 Q3 FAL, I think I should also introduce myself a bit more.

I started sewing in 2013 - mostly to sew my own pants, skirts and dresses. I very soon became attracted to patchwork featured in a Burda Style magazine: It was a hexie pillow case. So a hexie pillow case was the first thing I tried to patchwork in 2013. Looking back I wasn't very successful at it (even though I was really fond of it back then), so I'll spare you the picture. But I learned that it'll be quite some journey until I can finally piece a hexie pillow case properly.

So after that followed some smaller (patchwork) projects, like table sets, coasters, table runners, laptop cases and some fun/decorative stuff:

2015_laptop_huelle2015_monster_1_vorne 2015_monster_1_hinten 2014_coasters 2015_eule 2014_tischset

Until in November 2015 the idea of a large patchwork quilt got stuck in my mind.... The quilt top is one of my planned finishes for Q3.Β  Let's see how that works out πŸ˜‰

Whilst piecing this new large project, I started reading a lot more about patchworking and quilting (yes, after I started piecing...) and started stumbling over so many, so wonderful blogs out there. So who'd have thought (not me....) - I am following several blogs and reading so many wonderful and inspirational posts every day. This really gave me a huge motivational kick! And I'm kind of hoping I can bring some of this inspiration to Germany, where the patchworking and quilting community is either not so large, or not so represented online. At least this is my impression at the moment - but then again, maybe I just need to dig a bit further. But I am planning on making this a bilingual blog at some point in time. Maybe not for all blog posts but at least for some...

I think that's pretty much it for starters...A huge THANK YOU to all who have welcomed me already in the quilting and blogging community! You folks are quick!

See you around,