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So here's something off-topic, but I thought it might make sense to share my experience. Since I am writing in a wordpress blog, it wasn't all that straight-forward to make myself followable on Bloglovin'. I chose for being followable on Bloglovin' because most blogs I follow are available there and it seems that many of you also use Bloglovin'.

First things first, you need to make your blog available on Bloglovin'. If you do not have an account there - create one. This is directly possible on the start page of Bloglovin'. Click on the search bar and a drop down menu will appear. In my view, there are already several search suggestions based on what I have searched before. At the very bottom you can click on "Add blog".


A small window will pop up, prompting you to enter the full URL of your blog. Do so 😉 (In case you're not sure what the URL is, go to your blog's homepage and copy the address from your browser's address bar).It may take some time until your blog actually appears when searching for it, but it will now be fed into the database of Bloglovin'.

The next step is to claim your blog. Once you can successfully search for your blog on Bloglovin', do so, go to the page and find the small clickable text "Claim blog" - circled in red below.  As I have already claimed my blog, the picture below shows another blog, which is still claimable, to show you the process.


Now comes the tricky part. Bloglovin' will give you a code snippet to insert into a new post. When Bloglovin' checks your feed and finds this link in a new post, the claim is completed. In my previously used theme, my first page would show the first several lines of a post as a teaser but links were not shown as hyperlinks, only as normal text. Bloglovin' will not recognize that as the snippet of code it is looking for and the claim cannot be completed. Thus, at least for claiming the blog, you need to change your theme to one, where hyperlinks are actually represented on the first page (like the first line of text in this post). As soon as you do so, Bloglovin' will recognize that and you can claim your blog. (Again this might take some minutes for the servers to recheck the feed...)

Now once you've claimed your blog and are followable on Bloglovin', you might want to give your readers the chance to follow you on Bloglovin' by simply clicking a button on your blog instead of having to include the "Follow me on Bloglovin'" line in every post. For this, Bloglovin' offers widgets which execute some javascript code - and these don't work with wordpress blogs. These widgets and several logos are available at If you also use wordpress, and would like to create a button yourself, download the logos (at the very bottom of the page) and chose one that you like best or fits best in your theme. Include it as a text widget by entering the following code:

<a title="Follow" href="[the URL of your Bloglovin' blog]"
target="_blank"><img alt="Follow" src="[The source of the Bloglovin' logo]" border="0"></img></a>

You need to fill in the bracketed part with your personal data, in my case it looks like this:

<a title="Follow" href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Follow" src="" border="0"></img></a>

For me it was very important to make sure this link opens in a new tab, so my readers can easily navigate back to my block. This is ensured by target="_blank".

I hope this helps some of you other blog novices out there 🙂

Hope to see you around!


2 thoughts on “Making myself followable on Bloglovin’

  1. Kate

    Nice tutorial Vanni. I know from being in the New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop this year there are many people who struggle using WordPress, and there are not as many tutorials around as there are for Blogger. If you are looking to do more so many end up being no reply bloggers like you were (are?) and so when they leave comments on other blogs the other bloggers cannot reply to them. Some try to get around this by leaving a reply on the blog, but most of us don't go back to check and so opportunities are lost. I am glad so many of my followers popped by to say hello.

  2. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

    Well aren't you something? I don't use WordPress but have heard that linking it to Bloglovin' is a pain. So nice of you to share this for other novices out there that might not know what to do. I agree; if you're going to have a way for people to follow you, Bloglovin' is it. Great job, and welcome to the quilt bloggers community!


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