Second Star Pillow Front

Hi all,

I haven't gotten to too much sewing in the last week, but nevertheless I finished the second pillow front.


This is the second of my four to be rainbow star pillows that I have planned. I described the first one here. I had to stock up on low volumes for the background, but I think it was really worth it. The single square are a bit larger than 5 cm (~2") finished to make a 40 cm pillow front (~16"). I'll be reusing a lot of the HSTs that are leftover from this pillow for the next one - the rainbow rose. But already now I'm all excited about how the pillows will look together with the rainbow quilt in progress. Here's the first two beside each other:


I did a lot of quilting on the first one (right) but for the second I opted for a simple grid with wavy lines over the seams.  After having basted the rainbow quilt top an trimmed some of the excess backing and batting, it showed, that I should have enough of the backing to also finish the back sides of the pillows with it 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful week so far and lining up with Let's Bee Social @Sew Fresh Quilts and Scraptastic Tuesday @She Can Quilt


6 thoughts on “Second Star Pillow Front

  1. Nicky

    I had to go and look at the quilt - which is gorgeous and those cushions will be glorious with it! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday.


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