Star WIPs and Baby Quilt Doodle

Hi all,

I didn't get the chance of too much sewing in the last couple of days, so I can only share a further WIP paper piecing star:


But there's also some great news: I get to do my first baby quilt for a very good friend of mine 🙂 So as soon as I got the great news, I started doodling. We quickly decided that it should be a true kids quilt, i.e., a lot of fun colors, shapes and no classical blocked pattern. My first idea was to do something with animals and my doodles show that some appliqué is on my way:

entwurf_wuermchen_2 entwurf_wuermchen_1

Looking for appliqué animal templates, I have also found many quilts, where the animals are arranged in a grid with colorful borders. Those also looked very nice. So there's still some decisions to make and a lot of fun fabric shopping ahead.

I'm guessing, that  many of you have already made some baby quilts, and maybe you can help me with deciding on a size. The quilt is supposed to be used as a take-away quilt, i.e., not as a blanket but rather to wrap the little one up when on the go. Additionally it should serve as a play mat/baby blanket (I just can't find a really satisfying translation for the German "Krabbeldecke"). I'm swaying between 1m x 1m (40" x 40") and something like 1m x 1.5m (40" x 60"), what would you suggest?

A bit late, but I'm linking up with Let's Bee Social @Sew Fresh Quilts .

Have a wonderful week and hope to see you around,


2 thoughts on “Star WIPs and Baby Quilt Doodle

  1. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter

    I think the 40" x 60" (1m x 1.5m) would make the perfect "takeaway" size. I describe that as Toddler size, meaning they can still use it when they are up and walking around--for sleepy time, for cuddle time, and for dragging behind them as they explore their new world.

    With applique on a baby quilt, you need to make sure that your applique is secure because the quilt will be washed a lot most likely. I use a good fusible for that, and stitch around the edges with a matching thread. I don't use invisible thread on a baby quilt even though they make them now in polyester (as opposed to nylon). And I don't attach buttons and such because I'm afraid they might fall off. i only do that if the quilt will be a wall hanging and not used as a blanket.

    Your sketches are so cute! I'm thrilled for you. This quilt will be so much fun to make!


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